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Disney Cruises

Disney Cruises
By Anna Dewinter

When you want to get away and have fun at the same time, there is no better way than with a Disney Cruise. All the luxury and pampering of cruising are at your fingertips, while the little ones have activities on every deck to keep them busy. This ultimate in family-friendly cruising combines the best of every type of holiday and brings it together for you on your cruise ship.

Choose a Disney Cruise

No other cruise line is set up to cater to the entire family like Disney Cruises. With its focus on family, you will find something for everyone, no matter your mood. There are activities available at a wide variety of onboard venues; from game shows to stage shows, cooking classes, and organised activities for the children and of course, wandering Disney characters for you to meet and greet.

Since children seem to be hungry all the time, there is onboard dining of every type at your fingertips. The main dining room is a swirl of colour, with waiters ensuring quick service and a thoughtfully prepared meal. There are also varieties of quick service locales like Goofy’s Galley. This is where children can find fresh fruit, pizza, hot dogs, or a variety of other quick-serve snacks for those times you do not feel like a full meal. When mum and dad want to get away, there are adult-only restaurants where peace and quiet reigns.

What would Disney be without entertainment? Every Disney Cruise ship hosts several live shows that will enchant you as well as your child. From Toy Story come to life to Broadway style shows, there is action available every night. Mid-ship you will find Goofy’s Pool, with an enormous movie screen placed in the centre stack of the ship. Float in the warm water while watching your favourite Disney movie. What could be more fun?

Of course, the Disney ‘crew’ of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and friends want to see to it that you have fun on your cruise, so they organise Deck Parties. March around the decks, singing and clapping with your favourite characters! Join in for some children versus parents’ contests, or parents’-only contests where the children have to explain the rules! There is no end to the fun onboard a Disney Cruise.

Disney Cruise Deals

Disney Cruise is a first sailing in many cases, and as such, Disney is better than most at providing discounts and deals. They know that once you see what cruising is all about, you will be back. You will find bargain rates on selected sailings and throughout the year various ships or venues offer a ‘children sail free’ deal, so long as the children share your stateroom. You will also find promotional onboard credit offered for select sailings, allowing you to do more once you are on the ship.

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Anna Dewinter

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First Time Cruise Tips – 5 Outstanding Tips For a First Time Cruiser
By David Erskine

Here are 5 outstanding first time cruise tips that will make your cruise vacation more affordable and full of satisfaction.

Book Early Or Late

This is a win-win situation for cruisers because you basically get all the best deals by booking in very early or at the last minute. You will get early-bird savings of 15-50% when you book your cruise three to six months before your departure. You can also choose from a wide selection of cabins.

You can also get cheaper deals by booking in at the last minute (2-3 weeks) but it’s going to be difficult to find a cheap flight because most cheap airfares require a 3-week advance purchase. You won’t also get a cabin of your choice and you will have to take in what’s available.

Get A Travel Agent

When you book a cruise, it’s often wise to get a travel agent that’s been at many cruises before. Although there are many websites offering the best cruise deals but it can actually be a difficult thing to book a cruise online. Get a travel who is not affiliated with a specific cruise line so they can give you their honest and unbiased opinions with the cruise lines.

Drive Instead Of Flying

Driving to a port is so much cheaper compared to flying. The cruise lines are doing their best to accommodate more passengers that’s why some of them are repositioning their ships into ports that are near driving distance of most regions in the U.S.

Try A Quick Cruise

You might want to try in booking a 3-5 day trip just to find out what cruising really feels like. I had a friend who is all excited on his first-time cruise but after the trip he felt that it was too limiting and boring.

Check Your Charges

Carefully check for the added charges that cruise lines are milking from you. Cruise lines can suck in your money without you realizing it so be sure to read their policies on everything.

These first time cruise tips are very effective but there’s still a critical mistake that 99% of the cruise passengers make and it’s costing you hundreds of dollars. You can save as much as 75% on your trip by learning secret cruise travel tips at

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The Ten Best Cruise Destinations
By Jez Rourke

Generally when considering cruise popularity you will find that it is determined by a number of things, which can include how convenient it is to reach the cruise liner from your home, whether you have a young family, your age, whether it your first time or if you are single or married.

It is therefore wise to ask yourself what you expect from a cruise before making a decision. Are you looking for black tie glamour, informal luxury, to travel only with people your own age, plenty of entertainment, beautiful surroundings and nature, a good deal or activity and are you traveling on a shoestring?

That is why the top ten cruise destinations are based on previous experience and include cruise holidays in a variety of temperate zones. In effect, there is something here for everyone:


The Hawaiian Islands are a tropical paradise everyday of the year with its green clad volcanic cliffs and awe-inspiring tropical fauna and flora. Visit the magical Dolphin Cove, the fascinating Sealife Park and of course the Polynesian Cultural Centre.

The Caribbean

The best time to cruise the Caribbean is in January and February as the weather is perfect most days, but there is often threat of hurricanes from Mid June to the beginning of December. You can visit all the Caribbean islands as there is only a short distance between each of them, but the Caribbean is not as tropically lush as Hawaii.


Cruises to Antarctica are usually expensive so not suited to those on a low budget and cruise ships do not operate in the Antarctic winter, from March to September. These cruises combine a unique blend of comfort and adventure with soaring glacier cliffs, icebergs and penguin colonies.

The Mediterranean

The warmest months and the best time for sun seekers to visit the mediterrannean is from May to September. It should be noted that many of the

ports are often very busy during the summer, but there are certainly a large amount of destinations worth visiting, including the Greek Islands, Costa del Sol, Liguria Coast and the French Riviera.

Fjords of Norway

The best time to visit the Fjords of Norway is from June to August when it is not so cold. Cruises around these natural wonders are breathtakingly beautiful and humbling, as you sail inside enormous, yet narrow fjords surrounded by high cliffs.


The best time to cruise to Alaska is in the warmest months of June to August, as daylight is longer for sightseeing and taking photographs. It’s a special place to cruise by glaciers and snow caped jagged peaks on your way to numerous photogenic ports.


November to April is the best time to cruise to Mexico, as they are cooler, dryer and less humid than the summer months. This is not the destination for those looking to relax, as Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco and the other ports of call on the Mexican Riviera are full of life and music.

South Pacific

The South Pacific covers a broad area and its destinations include the fertile tropical paradises such as Fiji and Tahiti.


The Galapagos Island are home to giant tortoises, seal lions, penguins, fur seals, marine iguanas and are a place that Charles Darwin visited to observe the unique wildlife.

The Baltic Sea

A cruise to the Baltic Sea is not for the faint hearted in the colder months, but June to august is ideal for visiting Tallinn, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

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